Iris Ryn Olson, MPH

Center Manager, CONVERGE

Iris Olson (they/them) has a background in public health communications and advocacy and brings these skill sets to the sexual, reproductive, and gender health realms. Iris has worked with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Transgender Health Advisory Group, Boston Medical Center's Vital Village Network, Fenway Health's Getting to Zero Program, Thundermist Health's STI Prevention Services Program, and Harbor Health Services' Community Prevention Department. Outside of their work at CONVERGE, Iris works with the BDSM and sex worker communities to support education and sex-positivity. Additionally, Iris enjoys spending time with their dog, Flapjack, and their snakes, Epididymis and Vag. 

Education & Training
Community Advocate and Leadership Fellow, Vital Village Network, 2020
Activist Academy Fellow, Fenway Health, 2020
MPH, Boston University School of Public Health, 2019
Activist Fellow, Activist Lab of Boston University School of Public Health, 2018
BA, Experimental Animation and Installation Sculpture, Antioch College, 2017
Leather Leadership Conference Scholarship Awardee, Leather Leadership Conference, 2018
Advancing Public Health Excellence Award, Boston University, 2017
Representative Publications

Olson, I. Dildo or Dildon’t – A Plug for Sex Toy Regulation in the U.S. The Harvard Kennedy LGBTQ Policy Journal. 2021.