FemTech Collaborative

Who We Are

The Center for Women's Health Research and Innovation's FemTech Collaborative is bringing together researchers across multiple institutions who are creating a suite of digital tools that help people:

  • Clarify their reproductive health goals, values and preferences

  • Navigate preference-sensitive decisions

  • Mitigate risk for poor reproductive outcomes

  • Communicate with their providers

What We Do


MyPath helps women consider their reproductive goals, augment their knowledge about fertility and preconception health, and select a birth control method that matches their needs and preferences. 


MyHealthyPregnancy (MHP) integrates individual-level input and statistical machine learning to deliver a personalized pregnancy risk assessment and support tool, communicating risks back to healthcare providers through the patient's EHR. 


MyDecision enhances women's ability to make informed and value-concordant decisions about tubal sterilization, with specific attention to the decision support needs of low-income women and women with Medicaid insurace.